No fruit Dealer! I´m a Photographer


"The average gives the world an existence, the extraordinary

the value."


Fruit dealer, it would be nice, but I have to disappoint you.  #IamYourPhotographer


3 ... 2 ... 1. than I am in your skull. #Brainwashing Pineapple back and forth. This sweet, prickly, exotic thing with the green head and the golden body is a part of my life. #YourPhotosMyPassion


It isn´t just a job, it's my life, my passion and my everything. The wealth of ideas, the joy of the extraordinary and the focus on detail make each photo shoot a unique experience. All this is part of my work and leads to a unique result. #ExtraordinaryMeetsProfessionealism


I'm proud about the photoshootings that I offer. Whether with smoke bombs, superlocations, fancy tools, high fashion and so on. The special theme photoshooting makes you to a top model. #YouAreMyNextModell


Have you been with me or will you be standing in front of my camera soon? #Modellike


Take the courage together, call me, write me or send me a whatsapp to me. You can also mark and linked me on Social Media or You send me a pineapple @keep.the.ananas #wantonly


Should, could, would #LetsDoit

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